Messenger adopts new security features and privacy

Messenger adopte de nouvelles fonctions de sécurité et de confidentialité

With the new measures, it will be impossible to open the app Messenger without passing through the authentication of your smart phone, by unlocking with a fingerprint or by scanning a face.

Thanks to this feature called App Lock, nobody other than you could not open Messenger even if the latter has access to your phone.

In addition, the press release states that “your login touch or facial is not sent to Facebook or stored by it. This feature is available today on the iPhone and iPad and will soon be available on Android”.

To enable this feature, simply open his account on the app Messenger, to type then Privacy and finally Lock apps. It only remains to confirm the lock function and the time limit after leaving the app.

Path to access the Face ID on Messenger

Who can you join

A new privacy feature will soon be integrated in Messenger, the one who can reach you.

You can decide who can send you a message or call you directly, or that goes into your application file.

The makers of Messenger will also test a functionality similar to that which exists on Instagram and WhatsApp, which blurs the images in your folder of applications messages. Thus, you have the option of viewing an image of a person that you may not know not before you reply to the message or to block or report the account.

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