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Meta: new features for Instagram and Facebook Reels are coming

Meta: New features for Instagram and Facebook Reels are coming


Meta announced Tuesday new features for Instagram and Facebook regarding Reels, the increasingly popular short videos on its platforms.

The new features are likely to particularly appeal to digital content creators, who will be able to, among other things, monetize their Facebook Reels.

So here's what's coming for Reels!

“Add your own” sticker

The sticker that originally launched on Stories is now rolling out to Reels on Facebook and Instagram. The 'Add yours' sticker helps you join or start a trend – each time you use it, Reels added by others will appear on a dedicated page.

“ Cross posting” from Instagram and Facebook

The cross posting feature is now enabled for everyone on Instagram, so you can now share a Reel from Instagram to Facebook with one click. This allows creators to build communities on both platforms, while benefiting monetization programs through Facebook and Instagram.

Auto-Created Reels

Auto-Created Reels are selected from your previously shared Facebook Stories, allowing you to share your favorite memories as Reels with just a few taps. When you create a Reel on Facebook, you have the option to select a self-created Reel, which you can choose to edit or share.

Remix for Facebook Reels

Add your own rotation to your favorite Facebook Reels with Remix – in addition to the ability to have your remix appear at the same time as the original Reel, you can now add your clip after the original to play sequentially.

Facebook Reels Monetization

The ability to earn money with Facebook Stars on Facebook Reels is now rolling out to all eligible creators.

New Facebook Reels Previews in Creator Studio

Creators told Meta they want more visibility into how their Reels are performing, so the company is rolling out new metrics in Creator Studio that will help identify content in Facebook Reels that resonates with their audience. These metrics will include reach, minutes watched, and average watch duration, helping creators quickly see what their fanbase likes to watch – and for how long.

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