Metallica has canceled a fall tour due to alcoholism of James Hetfield

The musician went to rehab

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Группа Metallica отменила осенний тур из-за алкоголизма Джеймса Хэтфилда

Metallica cancelled a concert tour because of the treatment of James Hetfield

American band Metallica, as the most successful touring in the world, has canceled a fall tour because of James Hetfield. The frontman of the band, suffering from alcohol addiction, went to rehab. This was reported by the colleagues of the musician.

On the official website Metallica published in Instagram the group appeal to fans. it is reported that James Hetfield is forced to undergo rehabilitation in connection with the October show, which was held in Australia and New Zealand, cancelled. Fans promise to return the money for tickets purchased.

“As probably many of you are aware, our brother James many years struggling with addiction. He was forced to re-start treatment”, – stated in the message of Metallica.

Fans of Metallica know that the Hatfield several years of suffering from alcohol dependence. The musician has openly told in the documentary “Some Kind of Monster”, which was released in 2004.

Note that now the group travels around the world as part of WorldWired Tour. The end of the world tour, which began in 2016 is scheduled for 2020.

Earlier, Hollywood actor Ben Affleck spoke candidly about the struggle with alcohol dependence.

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