Mexico demanded that the Vatican and Spain to apologize for the actions of the conquistadors

Мексика потребовала от Ватикана и Испании извинений за действия конкистадоров

Madrid responded quickly.Mexican President andrés Manuel lópez Obrador wrote a letter to the king of Spain Felipe VI and Pope Francis call to apologize to his country for human rights violations that were committed in the years of the conquest of the region from the arrival of the expedition of Christopher Columbus in 1492-m, reports the with reference to League.

According to Obrador, the indigenous peoples of Mexico were victims of mass murder.

In the video, which filmed in the ruins of an ancient Mexican city, the President said that “it’s time to reconcile”.

“But let’s first ask forgiveness was mass murder and oppression. The so-called conquest were fought with a sword and cross. They built their churches on the places of the local churches,” he said.

As stated in the press service of the king, arrival 500 years ago the Spaniards on Mexican territory, “cannot be judged in the light of modern considerations.”

“Our fraternal peoples have always known how to relate to our common past, without wrath and from the structural point of view,” – said in Madrid.

The Vatican did not react.

Directly the conquest of Mexico began when a small army led by hernán cortés landed in modern Veracruz in 1519. The Aztec Empire was defeated, which marked the beginning of 300 years of Spanish rule. Mexico gained independence after the war, which lasted from 1810 to 1821 and became a Republic in 1824-m.

Leftist Obrador came to power in December 2018.


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