Mexico: the number of dead in 24 hours of the coronavirus exceed 1000 for 1st time

Mexique: le nombre de morts en 24 heures du coronavirus dépasse 1000 pour la 1ère fois

MEXICO city | The number of deaths from the coronavirus in 24 hours has doubled Wednesday in Mexico and has crossed for the first time the threshold of 1000, with 1092 deaths against 470 the previous day, according to the official report of the government.

The COVID-19 11 729 deaths in Mexico, the second balance sheet, the heaviest in Latin America behind Brazil. A total of 101 of 238 confirmed cases of contamination have been reported since the beginning of the pandemic.

The head of the strategy against the COVID-19 in Mexico, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, under-secretary of state for Health, said on Friday AFP that he considered it likely that the country reaches a balance of 30,000 dead.

Despite this acceleration in the spread of the virus, the Mexico, a country of 120 million inhabitants, initiated from Tuesday to restart its economy, the president, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador calling for establishing “a new normality in the country”.

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