MHB: broken down offensively, Montpellier ended up losing to Plock, in the Champions League

MHB: broken down offensively, Montpellier ended up losing to Plock, in the Champions League

Sebastian Karlsson et les Montpelliérains ont buté sur un gardien très inspiré. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Lacking offensive solutions, MHB returns empty-handed from Poland (22-18), for the 12th day of the Champions League

Traveling to Poland, on the floor of the undefeated leader of the local championship: Wisla Plock, the MHBa had all the trouble in the world. Deprived of five major elements (Hesham, Simonet, Villeminot, Pellas and Nacinovic), President Deljarry's protégés stammered in their handball, particularly offensively.

The fault lies in inaccuracies in transmissions, leading to loss of balls, but also a very inspired Polish goalkeeper. The young Marcel Jastrzebski (20 years old) set the ORLEN Arena on fire by repelling the Hérault attacks. In the first act, Valentin Porte, clumsy last night like his two misplaced balls in quick succession, and his teammates, only managed to score 10 goals, including three on 7-meter throws (10-10 ).

A Polish goalkeeper in a state of grace

Bryan Monte muzzled, the Montpellier residents came up against the Polish blue curtain (15-13).
Kylian Prat energized Montpellier's game but Jastrzebski, 16 saves during the match, continued to disgust Patrice Canayer's players. Opposite, the arabesques of Zarabec, centre-half of Wisla Plock, made it possible to shift his rears Fazekas (4 goals) and Lucin (5 goals).

The match



ORLEN Arena.
Half time: 10-10.
Referees: Andreu Marín (ESP), Ignacio Garcia (ESP)
WISLA PLOCK: Jastrzebski (16 saves on 31 shots), Alilovic (0 saves on 3 shots).
Lucin (5 goals on 11 shots including 2/2 pen), Serdio Guntin (3/3), Daszek (4/4), Piroch (1/1), Fazekas (4/8), Krajewski (1/3 dt 1 /2 pen), Dawydzik (1/1), Mindegia Elizaga (1/2), Zarabec (0/3), Susnja, Perez Arce, Terzic, Mihic (2/3).
Two minutes à : Terzix (x2), Susnja (x2), Lucin, Serdio Guntin, Krajewski, Perez Arce.

MONTPELLIER: Desbonnet (5 saves on 25 shots including 0/2 pen), Bolzinger (3 saves on 5 shots including 1/2 pen).
Fernandez (4 goals on 7 shots including 3/4 pen), Skube (2/4), Karlsson (2/5 including 2/3 pen), Monte (2/3), A.Lenne (3/4), Prat (1/4), Y.Lenne (3/5 including 1/1 pen), Panic (0/3), Konan, Cornette, Dubois (0/1), Porte (1/4), Berthier.< br /> Two minutes à : Konan (x2), Gate, Panic, A.Lenne.

To make matters worse at the end of the game, Karl Konan fell and had to leave his partners due to injury, five minutes from time (22-18). Beaten and only scoring eight goals in the second period, the MHB will have some headaches, like one of the last local shots hitting the head of an unhappy Charles Bolzinger…

This result greatly undermines their chances of receiving in the return play-off of the final phase. The Héraultais remain fourth ahead of the Danes of Gudme, who however have one game less. Above all, Valentin Porte's band receives Veszprem before traveling to Barcelona, ​​two shocks against two heavyweights from their group B during the next two and final days.

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