MHD soon be released from prison ? The evidence against the rapper in question

MHD bientôt libéré de prison ? Les preuves contre le rappeur remises en cause

MHD soon be released from prison ? The evidence against the rapper in question

On January 15, 2019, MHD was arrested and placed in police custody after a brawl deadly to Paris occurred in the month of July 2018. Since then, the rapper stays in prison and continues to claim his innocence. We learn today that his release could be expected soon because the evidence against him would be strongly questioned.

It will be soon a year that MHD is in prison. The interpreter of Baby is suspected of being involved in a brawl during which Loïc Kamtchouang, aged 23 years, died after “having been slaughtered by a dozen individuals” in the 10th arrondissement of Paris at around 3am the night of 5 to 6 July 2018. It would have dealt the killing blow with his car, but since his arrest last January, he never stops proclaiming his innocence. His lawyers, Elise Arfi and Eric Dupond-Moretti, considering, moreover, to “plead for his release under judicial control pending trial“.

MHD innocent ?

So, MHD is there a chance to get out of prison soon ? According to the information of the Journal du Dimanche, it is very possible because the evidence against him is called into question. First of all, investigators say the rapper is recognizable on the tapes of video surveillance, with his blond peroxidated and a Puma attire that “only ambassadors of the brand, including MHD, could carry“.

Except that before the judge, the artist confessed that they are “20 in the cité des Chaufourniers to have this cup in the mode” and has stated that the held white Puma, Rebel Hoody, is on the market since December, 2017. This info could possibly prove his innocence.

A witness cannot be found

The Sunday Newspaper specifies that three witnesses saw MHD wearing a jean and a T-shirt on the day where the brawl life-threatening. One of them admits to having spent “the second part of the night with the rapper in a recording studio in the 19th arrondissement” of Paris. The only person who keeps seeing MHD at the scene of the murder is “not found” since his testimony. And finally, the GPS readings of the black Mercedes (the car of Mohamed Sylla) would see that the interpreter of Bella lent her his car “the whole district“. Its elements are they going to support the request for a release ? Case to follow.

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