MHR: behind the scenes of the end of the adventure between Patrice Collazo, Christian Labit, Vincent Etcheto and Montpellier

MHR: behind the scenes of the end of the adventure between Patrice Collazo, Christian Labit, Vincent Etcheto and Montpellier

Patrice Collazo et Christian Labit ne chapeauteront plus les Montpelliérains la saison prochaine. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

La direction du MHR a tranché ce lundi 17 juin. Le manager Patrice Collazo et ses entraîneurs Vincent Etcheto (attaque) et Christian Labut (jeu au sol) ne seront pas reconduits.

Not really time to debrief or appreciate the retention in Top 14 for management. Tomorrow is coming quickly, and we must prepare for it now. A question has been hovering for several weeks, and it has been on everyone's lips since Sunday evening: what will become of the MHR staff? More precisely Patrice Collazo (manager), Vincent Etcheto (coach of the MHR) ;attack) and Christian Labit (ground game) ? Their initial objective, maintenance, is fulfilled. But the manner worked against them.

In February-March, rumors of extensions were in the air. At the end of the season, things changed. According to our information, the trio, who arrived in disaster on November 19 after the dismissal of Richard Cockerill and Jean-Baptiste Elissalde, will not be renewed for the next financial year. Etcheto and Labit had signed a contract until June 30 and will therefore not be extended. Collazo, linked with the club until June 2025, sees his mission come to an end.

"The rest ? I don't know, declared the manager after the success against Grenoble on Sunday evening. But is it important? When we arrived, we were given a mission: maintenance. The most important thing was to check that box and I will let you (the journalists) write the stories. As surprising as it may seem, I have already prepared for the pre-season. I hope this match was the first of next season." After a long time of reflection and several meetings, Mohed Altrad finally decided to put a term in the Collazo era.

Bès, Battut, Valls and Stanley preserved

Monday morning, the president of the MHR received Joan Caudullo and Benoît Paillaugue. The first is responsible for the training center. The second, since he retired from the field at the end of November, has been coaching the Espoirs alongside Jesse Mogg and Damien Florio. Altrad asked them to take more responsibility.

From there to taking control of the professional group ? We will know more this Tuesday, 6 p.m., during an exceptional press conference, in advance of the traditional “garden-party” end of season.

The latest rumors in the corridor announced Caudullo in the role of manager-sporting director, and Paillaugue as three-quarter coach. Didier Bès (scrum), Antoine Battut (touch), Benson Stanley (defense) and Jérémy Valls (football) would retain their prerogatives. Geoffrey Doumayrou, retired from the field since Sunday evening, could also be assigned functions in the institution, and have a transversal role between the young people and the pros. This staff would have a real Montpellier accent, desired by Altrad.

For his part, Bernard Laporte should become deputy president of the club. As expected, things are happening in Montpellier… Before, finally, a little stability ?

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