MHR: Joan Caudullo and Benoît Paillaugue as pillars of the future Montpellier project ?

MHR: Joan Caudullo and Benoît Paillaugue as pillars of the future Montpellier project ?

Joan Caudullo et Benoît Paillaugue promus ? MIDI LIBRE – JEAN-MICHEL MART – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Mohed Altrad could have chosen Joan Caudullo and Benoît Paillaugue as bases for the Montpellier project.

Seeing Benoît Paillaugue (36 years old) and Joan Caudullo (42 years old) in the Montpellier management is not a surprise. In recent weeks, Mohed Altrad met Paillaugue several times, expressing his desire to see him take more responsibility. The wish of the president of the MHR could be granted, since the former scrum half, as well as the club's former hooker, would have responded favorably after several hours of reflection and discussions around the idea. a project.

Seeing this pairing so high, so early, on the other hand, may seem like a gamble for Mohed Altrad. The two men do not have much experience in management.

Caudullo, forwards coach last year

Caudullo has been in charge of the Montpellier Hérault Rugby training center since 2020, after having learned the ropes at Mont-de-Marsan (2017-2020). He is nevertheless familiar with the professional group and the field. Last season, he was in charge of training the forwards for eight months after the departure of Olivier Azam. A position appreciated by all at the time. Then Richard Cockerill arrived in the summer of 2023, returning him to his main role as head of the training center.

For Paillaugue, the rise would be express. Coach of the hopefuls for less than a year, he will have had a few months to get his hand in, he who stopped his playing career last November. In recent weeks, he has still given the professional staff a blow. He notably went to all the matches of the final phase of Pro D2 to give reports to the staff, among other things.

Now, if this duo oversees the professional group from this summer, it is undeniable that he will need time. Time to set up a game system, take charge of this group and get results. It is up to President Altrad to give him some.

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