MHR-Usap: “We can’t let so many points go”, “we’re enjoying this moment”, post-match reactions

MHR-Usap: “We can’t let so many points go”, “we’re enjoying this moment”, post-match reactions

A disappointment for Arthur Vincent and the MHR who lost to Usap. MAXPPP – JEAN MICHEL MART

The disappointment was great for the Montpellier residents following this defeat at home (20-25) against Usap in the Top 14, this Saturday April 27. Catalans who relished this success in a stadium won over to their cause.

Patrice Collazo (MHR manager):“Our first period is very good. We put Usap under pressure, but we are missing 10 points. Regarding the configuration of this type of match and the form of the team, we know that we have to get ahead. Unfortunately, and 2nd it was reversed and we put ourselves under pressure with 2 yellow cards. We lost the occupation in the 2nd half. We lost too many points in 1st. We knew that Usap finished strong. We knew we were going to run out of power. We were admirable in our state of mind. Over 80 minutes the state of mind is remarkable but in our situation we cannot leave so many points on the way. Very disappointed in relation to the context, the energy in the stands, it looked like a final phase match. We pushed ourselves to the limit but pragmatism and everything we left behind. We did a second half unlike the first."

Baptiste Erdocio (pillar of the MHR) : "In the first half, we put out a beautiful copy, we are dominant up front. Even if we don't make it happen, we have to move on. It's frustrating to lose and fail by 5 points but we can only blame ourselves and lift our heads. The dam, you have to think about it but not think about last place. We need to put our heads back together. We have to move on and show that we are a strong and united group to overcome all this."

Arthur Vincent (MHR center): "Compared to our first period we must do better. We had a very good half but the big downside was our lack of realism because we had opportunities to score. And in the end, it counts on the result. We had a very good start to the second period, and then we were unable to put Usap back under pressure. We knew that they finished matches strongly. We have to get back to work, we have four matches left. We will continue to stay united.

"This championship is terrible"

Kélian Galletier (third line of Usap):"What an audience, they are incredible people, it’s the best audience in France. We give back to them by winning today, and we are proud of that. Montpellier was well in place in the first half, we managed to score 14 against 15 and defend well. We knew that we would then have the support of the wind. There was a lot at stake, but we are more liberated than Montpellier. It was tough throughout the match. This championship is terrible and it is hard. We knew we would have our moments, we had confidence in our game. It ended up paying off. We passed by carried balloons. We rarely miss it, that’s the strength of this team. There are a lot of guys who give. We fight, we hang on and we start to show that we have talent. Direct maintenance, we have taken a big step to obtain it."

Franck Azema (Usap manager):"I have a special thought for all these people who came to support us today. It’s special for the players to see this osmosis, to share the same passion with these people. We savor this good moment. During the match, we knew it would be close, it’s interesting to be in this configuration and not give up. We were caught in discipline in the first half, but we remained calm and cool. Then we felt that we were gaining the upper hand, which allowed us to get back on track and make the switch. Rugby is a game of pressure. We managed to change it in the second period. The undermining work made it possible to move forward, to be realistic. It's all these little things that allowed us to win."

Louis Dupichot (rear of the Usap) : "The atmosphere was incredible I& ;rsquo;never seen that in my life. This is a match that could have gone either way. A tough match in which we suffered a lot. The last action of the first period is significant, no one gave up and we didn't take a test. As the match progressed, we managed to put our game together. We knew that we were going to have the wind in the second period. We did quite well in first grade, it was complicated but we managed our weak times better."

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