MHSC-Monaco: Khazri sidelined again, Kouyaté withdrawn, young Maamma retained in the Hérault group

MHSC-Monaco: Khazri sidelined again, Kouyaté withdrawn, young Maamma retained in the Hérault group

Hit in the hip in Toulouse, “Kiki” Kouyaté is out of the Monaco reception. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

If the Tunisian was once again not selected by Michel Der Zakarian, the numerous absences allowed the young winger to be summoned to the MHSC group called to face Monaco, this Sunday, May 12.

The misfortune of one person makes the happiness of others. Deprived of many players, including Téji Savanier, Arnaud Nordin or Benjamin Lecomte, MHSC coach Michel Der Zakarian summoned young Othmane Maamma to the group selected to face Monaco, Sunday (9 p.m.), during the 33rd day of Ligue 1.

Maamma, third summons

Despite the suspensions and physical problems, the Hérault technician has, on the other hand, decided to once again do without Wahbi Khazri. The former Tunisian international had already not been selected for the last two matches, against Nantes (1-1) then Toulouse (1-2), last Friday. While he took part in training this week, this new sidelining confirms the downgrading of the 33-year-old player, who will start only five times in 2024 in L1.

League 1 ranking

This choice therefore benefits Maamma (18 years old), called up for the third time this season among the pros, after sitting on the bench against Nice (0-0) then Lens ( 0-0) during the first half of the championship. A lively and technical winger, the native of Alès, Moroccan U20 international, also appeared during the summer preparation.

Sagnan well and truly present, Monaco also reduced

For this last home match of the season, Michel Der Zakarian has to deal with numerous defections: Savanier, Nordin and Lucas Mincarelli are suspended while Benjamin Lecomte (Achilles tendon) and Axel Guéguin (knee) are injured. Unsurprisingly despite a "question mark" maintained by his coach on Friday, defender "Kiki" Kouyaté has been added to the list. The fault was a blow received in the hip in his duel with Toulouse Dallinga.

On the other hand, Modibo Sagnan is, as announced by Der Zak, very present in the Hérault group. Just like Tanguy Coulibaly. Hit in a thigh during the warm-up against Nantes and withdrawal in Haute-Garonne, the attacker is back with a maintained MHSC, reduced but still in the race for a place in the top 10. < /p>

For its part, Monaco can be officially assured of the place of runner-up to PSG if it does not bow to Mosson. But like Der Zak, his coach Adi Hütter is facing several notable absences: Minamino is suspended, Golovin (ankle), Zakaria (thigh) and Jacobs (knee) are in the infirmary. On Saturday, doubt also remained over the presence in Montpellier of the Chilean defender, Maripan, diminished by a hamstring injury.

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