MHSC – MSG: Kylian Mbappé was born against Montpellier, look back at the match that launched his career

MHSC - MSG: Kylian Mbappé was born against Montpellier, look back at the match that launched his career

Kylian Mbappé fait tourner en bourrique Skhiri et la défense de Montpellier pour sa première titularisation en Ligue 1. MAXPPP – RICHARD DE HULLESSEN

Titulaire avec Monaco contre Montpellier, le 21 octobre 2016, pour la première fois de sa carrière, le gamin éclabousse la France du football avec un but, une passe décisive et un penalty provoqué… 

On this October 21, 2016, France football puts things into perspective. Nothing can escape PSG, even if at that moment, it is left behind at the top of Ligue 1 by the enemy brothers from the Côte d’Azur: Nice and Monaco. Behind its threatened hegemony brews a tsunami. The emergence of the fourth star of French football (Kopa, Platini, Zidane).

Mbappé was born on October 21 in front of Montpellier. A few days earlier, his father Wilfrid, in the columns of L’Équipe, urged Leonardo Jardim to make him permanent. Arrogance or whim of a father? The Portuguese technician complies.

Montpellier in turmoil

Montpellier is experiencing a new season in turmoil. Frédéric Hantz, coach since February, is already stirring up a muffled rebellion. With Louis Nicollin as the only temporary lightning rod. That evening, he innovated in central defense by partnering Vitorino Hilton with the young Ellyes Skhiri.

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Suddenly, the future Tunisian international, today at Eintracht Frankfurt, does not seem in his place. He is overtaken by this young unknown and makes a blunder in the area. Penalty. Shortly after the restart, he is trapped behind his back by a head from this same stranger. Skhiri, a rare sure value in this Montpellier, is really not made to help out in defense.

« And we will say that Hilton is not going fast »

Mbappé is already making fun of the context, taking responsibility for his father's rant. A penalty caused, a goal and an assist for his first start (6-2): he moved that evening alongside the Colombian Falcao, at the expense of Valère Germain. And forms a devastating attack (107 goals in L1) with Lemar and Silva.

On returning to La Mosson, Mbappé scores a goal for Mbappé. "He goes behind my back on the left side, wins his duel against the goalkeeper and people will say that Hilton is not going fast", smiles the& ;rsquo;ex-Brazilian captain of Montpellier.

Six goals in six Champions League final phase matches

The Monaco striker is heading towards his first title, towards a semi-final of the Champions League after dismissing City and Dortmund. With six goals in six final phase matches.

Nothing stops him. Nobody knows yet. La Francele discovers. The world is at his feet a year later.

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