Michael Douglas responded to allegations of harassment

Майкл Дуглас отреагировал на обвинения в харассменте

The actor has denied charges of harassment to his assistant, 29 years ago.American actor Michael Douglas has denied allegations of sexual harassment to his assistant, Susan Brody, which allegedly took place in 1989.

It is reported by the Chronicle.info with reference to Country.

He noted that he was disappointed in her, and in the American edition of The Hollywood Reporter, decided to run with this story.

“Someone makes an accusation, and they reach out to everyone with whom I worked for more than 25 years and no one has confirmed these allegations,” said Douglas to the British journalists.

Back in January he was accused that he allegedly masturbated in the presence of screenwriter and journalist Susan Brody in 1989 when she was his assistant.

“I would have admitted that what is really to blame. But it’s not exactly Masturbation in front of this woman,” said Douglas, noting that first came was to help Brody if she had shared with him his concern.

According to Michael Douglas, the journalists contacted him on Christmas eve, the day when his 18-year-old son Dylan was admitted to the College.

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