Michael Poplawski and Oleg Vinnik called the release date of “Ukraïnskoï song of the year”

Михаил Поплавский и Олег Винник назвали дату выхода "Української пісні року"

today, 10:00

The rector of the Kiev national University of culture and arts Mykhailo poplavskyi, reporting the retirement of the singer, along with the most popular performer of the country Oleg Vinnik has announced the launch of a joint project. They are working on the national music award “Ukrainian song of the year”, the Grand awards ceremony which will take place on 12 February in the National Palace of arts “Ukraine”.

Michael Poplawski, who created the award in 2004, and decided to give it a new breath, to modernize it, to slightly change the concept and to attract young progressive people. He is confident that together with Oleg Vinnik they will create new and high-quality musical project aimed at the development of Ukrainian music.

Михаил Поплавский и Олег Винник назвали дату выхода "Української пісні року"

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“We decided to resume the project “Ukrainian song of the year” and celebrate the best performers of the country, which create a unique contemporary music, those who strengthen our spirituality, and develops the culture and glorify Ukraine in the world. As well as those of his many years of creativity, infused with national traditions, etnikai, love for his country and music, became a legend and an example for generations of Ukrainians. I believe that we need to support talented young people and protect the property of the nation. Ukrainian song should dominate national television and radioprostranstvo”, said Michael Poplawski, presenting the project.

He noted that the team of professionals finishes working on the last touches of the show, approves the nominations, the experts carefully evaluate the participants. They take into account the popularity of the performers, singing in the Ukrainian language and the demand for them not only tended to his art work and TV space, but the views on social networks, touring, creating a new material.

“It’s very important and meaningful to work on this project, — said Oleg Vinnik. – I believe that “Ukrainian song of the year” will be the main and most prestigious music awards of the country. We will celebrate those artists whose works are love for Ukraine, frankly creating their music and with an open heart, give it to the people. It is important for us to remember our roots, of who we are, to show a good example to future generations.”

Михаил Поплавский и Олег Винник назвали дату выхода "Української пісні року"

He had a long way to success, touring all the cities of the country and winning the love of audience. At that time, as his songs sounded almost from each iron, and people knew by heart the songs of “Nino”, “Volchitsa”, “Happiness”, fans for years don’t know who is singing the songs. Oleg did not complain of official awards and music awards.

“I think many artists go unnoticed, unappreciated. The audience go to concerts and sing songs of artists who can’t get on TV. I know whereof I speak. I want such artists appreciated by professionals, so they went to the big stage and build a successful future for the names of new talented artists, which we have many in the country, known not only in Ukraine but also in the world. Our main goal is to show relevant in today’s artists and celebrate the real stars, whose names have entered the history of Ukrainian stage”, — said winnick.

Михаил Поплавский и Олег Винник назвали дату выхода "Української пісні року"

On the creation of the show, a team of professionals. The Director is Katya Tsarik, who created music videos for many stars of show business, including directed the recent concert of Oleg Vinnik at the sports Palace. She promises to surprise the audience in unconventional supply and technical innovations of world level.

“For me as a graduate of the University of culture is a great honour and responsibility to work on this project. Our task — to create not the usual classical concert, and to focus on modernization, technology, modern picture. Harmoniously put in the meaning of each song. Ukraine has established itself on the world stage show at a very high level. A big team already started to work, and it’s a new challenge for us”, — said Katya Tsarik.

Михаил Поплавский и Олег Винник назвали дату выхода "Української пісні року"

Another University graduate, a successful campaign Manager “ALIGHT” Mr Andrusishin who works on the show worldwide, is responsible for the technical content of the concert, light and sound effects. He promises to show on the Ukrainian scene the most impressive novelties of the market.

Михаил Поплавский и Олег Винник назвали дату выхода "Української пісні року"

“For me it was essential to support the Ukrainian song, wish she was powerfully represented in all areas that it was fashionable to create and listen to the song, regardless of quotas. After all she deserves — the most melodic and beautiful in the world. And we proved this unprecedented marathon of the Ukrainian song “Pisnya Ob do us”, included in the Guinness Book of records — 110 hours, 4 minutes and 30 seconds continuously live stream UT-1 Ukrainian songs sounded. Be heard worldwide, on all continents”, said Michael Poplawski and promised that Winnick, the project will become an annual event.

“I don’t care about the fate of our country, culture, language, songs. I will do everything I can to develop and build on national achievements. This is my position in life. After all, the song is our genetic code, our future, and the promise of generations”, — says Mikhail Mikhailovich.

Михаил Поплавский и Олег Винник назвали дату выхода "Української пісні року"

We will remind, the project “Our song” was created in 2004. While almost 90% of national radio and television was filled by foreign product, mostly Russian. Poplawski decided on their own to change the situation and bring to the stage of Ukrainian artists. The project involved new artists, popular performers and legends of the scene. They presented his work in different genres and styles. The only unchangeable condition is that the song should sound in the Ukrainian language. Over the years the project evolved, it became bigger, expanded the geography and the name changed. “Ukraïnsku pisnyu rock” Michael Poplawski held in 2017 in Warsaw. In the project for all the years involved more than three thousand Ukrainian artists.

“Ukrainian song — the genetic code of a nation, it is eternal as the sky and the sun, it sounds a soul of the Ukrainian people”, — said Mikhail Poplavsky.

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