Michel Barrette and Christmas in virtual

Michel Barrette and Christmas in virtual

Michel Barrette is not lacking in enthusiasm about the virtual holiday show, My funny Christmases, which he will offer tomorrow. “I’ve never been so proud of something I’ve done with humor,” he says.

After doing a province-wide “special COVID” mini-tour in recent months, Michel Barrette was looking for a way to entertain people with confinement during the holidays. “I was wondering what I could offer them,” he said. It’s good fun to listen to the bye, but after that … ”

When he was offered to record a virtual Christmas-themed show, the storyteller doubted he had enough material. “I thought I could maybe talk about it for eight minutes,” he says.

But of course, once he arrived on the set of the Live Dans Ton Salon platform, whose studio is located in Chambly, the storyteller opened his word mill and he shared anecdotes with his friend Luc Senay for … two hours and a quarter!

“I didn’t have a text,” he says. I had only given Luc a list of topics that he had on a piece of paper, in case I forget any. ”

Before embarking on this virtual adventure, Michel Barrette wondered if the absence of the public would bother him. Then, he saw this “discussion” on stage with Luc Senay – whom he has known for twenty years – as an opportunity for him to tell stories to “an old boyfriend”.

“I hesitated at first because I’m used to having an audience. But my girlfriend said to me: my love, when you tell your stories at the restaurant, don’t you have an audience? It’s the same case! ”

Slices of life

At the time of our interview with Michel Barrette, the comedian had just seen the final 90-minute cut of this virtual show. He was excited like never before.

“I laughed so much looking at him. My son Jonathan filmed me twice without my knowledge and he told me he had never heard me laugh the same. ”

“Why is this funny? Because all I’m saying is the truth. […] It allowed me to relive important moments in my life. I’m talking about the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day, my “career” in hockey … ”

“If you had to say: who is Michel Barrette? That’s it, says the storyteller of this Christmas special. Yes, I am a humorist. But first and foremost, I am someone who tells stories of his life. I’ve been doing this for 64 years at the shopping center, at my neighbor, at my hairdresser … ”

“I have never been so proud – and I weigh my words – of something I did in humor,” he continues. Never never. […] I dream that one day my granddaughter, who is one year and seven months old, she sees this when you ask her if she wants to know who grandpa is. She will see the portrait of the family in which she was born and tell herself that it is a crazy gang! ”

Michel Barrette was so excited about the virtual Christmas show experience that he is already planning to record another autobiographical show in the coming weeks, “as soon as the holidays are over”. “I wanted to wait until I had an audience for the next show, but I really liked the formula sitting on chairs with Luc. ”

Entertain remotely

How does Michel Barrette see his family holiday season this year? “Of course I wish I could reunite with my gang, if only my sons,” he replies. What I find hard is not being able to see my granddaughter. I would have loved it so much to see her play in the Christmas tree. It will be for next year. At the same time, I took it very zen. We are in the countryside, in Beauce where we live now, we are going to bond with my 14 year old son. ”

A few days to switch to 2021, Michel Barrette is realistic about the possible return of shows. “So much the better if we are all vaccinated quickly and we start shows again in the spring. But personally, in my opinion, I think it’s going to be okay in the fall before everything is reopened. To stop failing, I prefer to tell myself that there may be nothing on stage before September. But wish it wasn’t that. ”

“My tour will be my last. I can’t wait to do it too because I don’t want to do it at 82! (laughs) I can’t wait to get back on stage, but until it’s possible to do so, if I can continue to have fun like I had recording this Christmas special, it’ll keep me going. smile. ”

Michel Barrette’s virtual show, My funny Christmases, will be available from Wednesday to livedanstonsalon.com.

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