Michel Courtemanche's career in five souvenir photos

Michel Courtemanche's career in five souvenir photos



His first casting photo, in 1986. The young man from Laval, 22, had already proven himself in the improvisation leagues at Cégep Montmorency and Université de Montréal, then at the famous Lundis des Ha! Ha! of Club Soda in Montreal. At the same time, he presented his landmark number of the silent drummer.  

The Monsters

In 1987, 35 years ago, alongside the Nouveaux Monstres Claude Doyon and Jici Lauzon, a group with which Michel will do a long tour of Quebec for Just for Laughs. Two years later, he will launch his first show, A new comic is born! huge success both here and in France. 

International success

In 1994, Michel and his wax double at the Musée Grévin in Paris. The mime who became The Man with a Thousand and One Grimaces from the French received this honor at the dawn of his 30th birthday, when he presented his second show The new adventures of Courtemanchein Quebec and France, but also in Switzerland and Belgium.

The actor

In 1999, two years after giving up the stage, Michel starred in the 22-episode Canadian-British fantasy series, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, based on the visionary author's famous book Around the World in Eighty Days. In this $48 million production, he plays the character of Passepartout, Verne's ingenious servant. 


In the skin and costume of Captain Canada, a role that Michel played in the cult French series Hero Corp broadcast in 2008 and 2009. He will resume this character with Quebec accents in 2014, when the many fans of the series had been pushing for a return of their favorite superhero to TV.

  • The comedian will host the first of six ComediHa galas! Fest de Québec, August 12 at the Théâtre Capitole, a first for him in 30 years. He will present four original creations and will deal in particular with freedom of expression. His guests will include Jean-Claude Gélinas, Debbie Lynch-White and Anne Roumanoff. Seecomediha.com.
  • Since leaving the stage, completely exhausted, in 1997, Michel has been working more in the shadow of the spotlight, on TV and on the web. In 2021, he launched the paid platform Com@Tv where he writes, plays and directs freely. There is a lot of humorous content, including the series Cut with Michel Charette and François Chénier and Les 4 sur table where he plays with Dominic Paquet, Guy Jodoin and France Parent. See com@tv.tv.
  • The comedian occasionally gives conferences, with Marc Gervais, and he launched his biography, Face to Faces, a few years ago.