Michel Louvain takes it one day at a time

Michel Louvain takes it one day at a time

Michel Louvain was not really aware of his 83 years until the government decided to close the theaters. He finds the period difficult, especially since he can no longer do his job. He has just moved into his condo in Florida, where the beautiful weather and the heat give him strength and energy.

For the first time in 64 years of career, Michel Louvain was unable to meet his audience this year. A situation that weighed heavily on him. Fortunately, a few weeks ago, he was able to participate in the recording of the show “Noël une tradition en chanson”, which will be available only as a webcast, due to the health constraints imposed.

“Going to the studio to do my job did me a lot of good,” Michel Louvain told us over the phone. We had a first day of rehearsal with the orchestra of six musicians. It was really fun. It gave me a boost of life, because there are days, like everyone else, when morale is lower. We live in difficult times. When I got home from the rehearsal I was like a young singer who had started singing again after months of being out. I couldn’t wait for the next day to put on the show. ”

The singer is passionate about information, but in the current context, it was above all an anxiety factor. “I really enjoy listening to the news on what is happening in Quebec and around the world. I wanted to be informed about this pandemic, but at some point I had to change my mind. ”

This opportunity to sing therefore brought him a lot of joy, especially since he shared the stage with other artists. “At the beginning, it was rather difficult: when we finished singing, we had to applaud each other. Finally, throughout the day, we ended up forgetting that the room in front of us was empty. It was as if we were having a party between us. We had fun together, but always with the regulatory distance. We also had to put on a mask every time we moved. It did me good to have a change of scenery and go sing in this room. ”

Michel Louvain finds it ironic that, on the day of our conversation, he should normally have started the 24-date tour of this Christmas show, indoors, in front of a real audience.

“I’m happy to do this Christmas show, even though it’s a time that usually gives me the blues. Some songs make me relive my childhood or my Christmases of yesteryear, but they are not always happy. Some even give me the blues. But this year, it really did me good. When we are used to working constantly, we miss our audience, because it is our passion and our life. When it all suddenly came to a halt, it was difficult, and not fair for me. It also concerns thousands of artists, as well as technicians, sound engineers … “

Two days after his return to Quebec, last March, he saw his agenda for the next few months take the edge. “I came back on March 11. On March 14, I was supposed to start my big tour in the province, but on March 13, the government closed the theaters. He also asked people 70 and over to stay at home; it gave me a slap, me who is 83 years old. It’s like everything is closing around me. The following months were particularly long. ”

In his misfortune to see his activities stopped, Michel Louvain considers himself lucky to have a house with a garden. “I planted flowers and took care of them throughout the season. It has kept me busy, and that’s what has helped me to hold out during this pandemic; I was not alone in a room, unlike several elderly people. At least I could go outside, enjoy my terrace. I stayed in my area. When I was going to walk, as soon as someone came in front of me, I would go to the middle of the street so as not to meet him too closely. I have always been very careful, and I still do. I am angry with all those who invite people not to wear the mask … It is ridiculous and appalling. “

The singer was not necessarily afraid, but he was aware of the danger of catching the virus. “I’m 83, and it was critical for people 70 and over; I really felt concerned. I was aware that if I caught COVID, no one knew what would happen. I’m in good shape, but there is always a risk. So I’m very careful, and that’s the right thing to do. ”

Even if he hesitated for a long time because of everything that is happening in the United States and, above all, the sanitary situation, Michel Louvain has nevertheless decided to move into his condo in Florida for the winter. “It’s been about a week since I arrived. I hesitated for a long time before making up my mind. I finally made my decision two days before I got on the plane. I told myself that I couldn’t do worse in Florida than in Quebec. In Brossard, I stayed at home, I sat on my balcony, I went for a walk in my neighborhood and I avoided places where there are people. I’m not doing anything more here. In Florida, I live in a very residential place. I have seen very few people since I arrived. Even the swimming pools are empty. ”

His choice to leave the dreary Quebec winter had an instant effect on his morale. “I decided to come to Florida because at least I’m in the sun. I pay attention to everything. I’m a bit of a “granny” on that side. But it was better for my morale that I came to Florida. I still planned to get out my bike and go for a ride to keep in shape and get some exercise. I feel good here. I get up late, I take my time, I am very relaxed. ”

As for the future, Michel Louvain looks at it with caution. “I take this one day at a time. All my spring shows have been postponed to fall 2021. I’m happy because I didn’t lose any: they were all postponed. I know that I start again normally in August and that I will follow the shows until December. But until then, it will be a long time without singing … “

The show “Christmas a tradition in song” is available until January 7, 2021, on the site lepointdevente.com.


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