Michel Platini whitened by the swiss justice

This is affirmed by the newspaper “The World”, Friday.

Michel Platini blanchi par la justice suisse

Michel Platini, in Lausanne (Switzerland), August 25, 2016. (ALAIN GROSCLAUDE / AFP)

He claimed to have the “quiet conscience”. Michel Platini, the former president of UEFA, had been suspended by Fifa for a payment without a written contract of 1.8 million. At the same time, an investigation had been launched by the swiss justice. The latter bleached the ex-footballer, has learned franceinfo, Friday, may 25, confirming information of the World (article subscribers).

It “will not be criminalised”

In a letter, dated as of may 24, signed by Cedric Remund, prosecutor of the public Ministry of the swiss confederation (MPC), sent to Vincent Solari, a lawyer of the former star of Juventus. “We confirm that this procedure is not carried out against your principal, Michel Platini, assured the prosecutor of switzerland to the lawyer of Michel Platini. We can also confirm to you that your principal will not be criminalized in the context of this procedure”, writing The World , which reproduced extracts from the mail.

Platini is “clearly exonerated. “It is a double affirmation: at this stage there are not sufficient charges against him, and we are not going to continue because the prosecutor is the conviction that we had nothing to complain of in this matter”, explained the World as the defender of Michel Platini.

Back in the world of football ?

This post seriously calls into question the basis of the procedure of the commission of ethics of Fifa, which has led to the suspension of Michel Platini, and his resignation from his function of president of UEFA.

In 2015, Michel Platini has been suspended from any activity related to football for four years, until October 2019. But this letter gives the opportunity to Michel Platini to challenge this suspension. This may be an opportunity for him to return to the front of the stage : the next election for the presidency of Fifa is scheduled in June 2019 to Paris. And in 2015, Michel Platini was the favourite to succeed Sepp Blatter.

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