Michelin Hotel Guide: from one to three keys, discover the distinguished establishments in Occitania

Michelin Hotel Guide: from one to three keys, discover the distinguished establishments in Occitania

Au total, 14 hôtels en Occitanie ont reçu une récompense au Guide Michelin. Photos Midi Libre

Le prestigieux guide Michelin note désormais aussi les établissements hôteliers, en les distinguant cette fois par des clefs. Au total, 189 établissements ont reçu une distinction.

After restaurants, hotels. The Michelin Guide unveiled its new rankings this Monday, March 8, which lists and rewards the most prestigious hotel establishments.

As with its restaurant rating system, which ranges from one to three stars, hotels are distinguished by one to three keys, three representing an "extraordinary experience& quot;.

A total of 189 hotels with 3 to 248 rooms located in all regions of France are rewarded in this first list. Each of the three distinctions corresponds to a level of experience, thus, one key for "a unique stay", two keys for "an exceptional stay" three keys for "an extraordinary stay".

A key to Occitanie

In our region, 12 hotels have received a key to the Michelin Guide.

Assignan : Castle & Village Castigno Bagnols: Château de Bagnols Barbotan-les-Thermes: The Bastide in Gascony Castillon-du-Gard: Old Castillon Martignargues: La Maison du Passage Mercuès: Château de Mercuès Montpellier: Domaine de Verchant Toulouse: Maison Soclo Villeneuve-lès-Avignon: The Priory Lacave: Château de la Treyne Nîmes: Maison Albar Hôtels L’Imperator Uzès: The House of Uzès

Two keys

Only two hotels in Occitanie are concerned: the Domaine de Biar in Montpellier and the Château de Montcaud in Sabran in the Gard obtain two keys. In Avignon, the La Mirande hotel also obtains this prestigious distinction.

Three keys

In Occitania, no establishment has received the supreme distinction of the three keys. Only 27 establishments in France are concerned.

But then, what do the hotel stars mean ?

The Michelin guide, which rewards restaurants with stars, now awards keys to hotels, which in turn award keys to hotels. Ià classified by number of stars. The opportunity to remind à what do these categories correspond to, ranging from 1 to 5 stars.

À note already that it’s à It is up to the hotelier himself to request this category, which is not obligatory. So, you will see few hotels displaying the words “a star”.

Who does the classification?

The classification is carried out by Atout France, the tourism development agency of France, which is an operator of the French state in this field ;re of tourism.

In the event of insufficient maintenance, a prefect may decide to downgrade a hotel. Once the classification has been made, to maintain its number of stars, a hotel must be re-evaluated. every five years.

What criteria ?

Four categories bringing together numerous criteria are evaluated to assign the number of stars.

Quality comfort of equipment Quality customer services offered Good practices in terms of respect for the environment Good practices for welcoming customers with disabilities

Each criterion corresponds to; a number of points and the total score makes it possible to assign the number of stars to the player. the establishment. Thus, a private terrace of 50 m² minimum represents 4 points, a heated hall represents 2 points, the presence of an elevator 5 points.

Generally, the number of stars corresponds to the number of stars. a price category as well. Thus, one star is an economical establishment, two stars a mid-range, three stars an upper mid-range. laughing". With four stars, we move into the high end and beyond. from five, in the very high end.

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