Michelin Hotel Guide: “keys” instead of stars, what is this new list which has just been revealed ?

Michelin Hotel Guide: “keys” instead of stars, what is this new list which has just been revealed ?

Gwendal Poullennec le directeur général international du Guide Michelin. MAXPPP – VIRGINIE LEFOUR

Vous connaissiez le Michelin qui distingue les restaurants. Le prestigieux guide s'attaque désormais aussi aux établissements hôteliers, en les distinguant cette fois par des clefs. Focus sur ce nouveau palmarès. 

From singular to extraordinary, including exceptional. Three prestige levels to award one, two or three keys. The Michelin guide unveiled its first hotel ranking this Monday, April 8, which distinguishes 189 hotels from 3 to 248 rooms located in all regions of France, with the ambition of making it a counterpart to the famous stars which it awards to restaurants.

What are the keys ?

Announced in October, this new part of the guide's history had been prepared for several years, recalled Gwendal Poullennec, director of the guide, at a press conference.

The distinguished establishments were given keys: 127 French hotels received 1 key for "a unique stay", 38 establishments received two keys for "an exceptional stay" and 24 three-key hotels for "an extraordinary stay".

"Like the stars, these are real distinctions. Beyond providing a service to travelers, our ambition is also to highlight all professions in reception and hospitality, the leader pointed out.

What criteria are evaluated ?

The selection was made from among the 600 French hotels already recommended on the Michelin guide website, with anonymous inspectors in a similar way to the selection of restaurants, but with different criteria.

Five evaluation criteria were highlighted: the openness of the hotel to its locality, its design and decoration, the quality and consistency of service, consistency between price level and services and the'authenticity of the experience.

What is the point of such a classification ?

"The idea is to be able to offer a range of services to the traveler, from choice to ;#39;for online booking directly on our platform", indicated Gwendal Poullennec.

The group, which acquired Tablet Hotels in 2018, an American specialist in the recommendation and reservation of charming and luxury hotels, already offers hotel reservations on its platform.

World Selection

It thus lists a selection of 6,000 hotels in 120 countries, and will announce key rankings in the main global tourist destinations throughout 2024: on April 24 in New- York, April 29 in Madrid, May 7 in Italy and July 4 in Japan.

"We will ensure that the distinction has the same value everywhere in the world", assured the leader of the guide, who estimates that he is "at the very beginning of a long-term process", which is why he says he does not give himself of quantified objectives with these hotel rankings.

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