Michelle Andrade was blonde and introduced a new clip

Мишель Андраде стала блондинкой и представила новый клип

The singer will release a new album.

Popular singer Michelle Andrade, who recently made his debut in the film “Producer” has pleased fans with a new song, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to newsyou.info.

Gentle song of Corazón will be included in the new album, Michelle Andrade, which will be released in the summer.

“Сorazón is the bright memories of love. I am grateful that this story has been in my life and taught me important. This song I want to convey to everyone that even if now the wound is fresh, the day will come when everything is Corazón heart is healed!”, commented the new song of the singer.

Interestingly, in the lyric video, the singer appeared in a radically new way. Real brunette became a blonde.

“The image of the blonde helped me look at myself and live the story again the other person’s feelings,” said Michelle Andrade.

The mood of the song continues in the lyric video, filmed in a retro style and stylized film photography.

Directors are Maxim Shelkovnikov (MOZGI Production) and Denis Manoha.


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