Microchip: a dog finds her master who lives 3000 km away

Microchip: a dog finds her owner who lives 3000 km away< /p> UPDATE DAY

A dog from the U.S. state of Ohio has found her owner who lives in California thanks to her microchip, according to an animal shelter.

The Animal CARE of Cincinnati said a female named “Sophie” was found in a city neighborhood.

When veterinarians examined the animal's microchip, they discovered it belonged to a man named Jordan, a truck driver living in California.

According to the shelter, Jordan worked for a company that did not allow him to bring his dog with him on the road. So the man decided to give Sophie to another Californian family.

Since then, Sophie has traveled from home to home, eventually ending up in Ohio.

The shelter reported that Jordan and Sophie have been reunited. The new human employer allows its employees to bring their pets in their trucks.

Microchipping is a practice that allows rapid identification of a pet through frequencies radio. Each chip is the size of a grain of rice. It is implanted under the skin of an animal, between the shoulder blades.

The operation is quick and painless. 

Based on information from Fox News