Microsoft accidentally released a secret prototype of the Windows with a “surprise”

The published build of Windows 10 was a secret Assembly with the redesigned “start menu”

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:35

Microsoft случайно выпустила секретный прототип Windows с "сюрпризом"

New for Windows 10 perceived negatively

That night, Microsoft inadvertently published an early prototype of a new build of Windows 10, which was intended for internal testing. The new version number 18947 users have found some radical changes in the operating system that was “secret”, but not everyone liked it.

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The main noticeable change is a redesigned “start menu”. Microsoft still can not find a new approach to outdated, but familiar to many interface item. Instead of “live” tiles in Windows 10 will get static icons with key and installed applications.

Microsoft случайно выпустила секретный прототип Windows с "сюрпризом"

Microsoft all this time, secretly prepared a new menu “start”

It looks very clumsy and sometimes clumsy, but so far can be attributed to the fact that innovation is at a very early stage of development and the time of release everything can change.

Users who have already tested the new build say that even though they didn’t like live tiles, but the new large icons in the start menu look even worse. It is believed that a similar menu will be available not for everyone, but only for special assemblies like Windows 10 or Windows LTSB Lite.

Earlier, Microsoft promised to make Windows 10 “super fast” through the updates. We have also made useful tricks to simplify Windows 10.

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