Microsoft completely redesigned Windows 10 with the may update

Windows 10 may get a huge update May 2019 Update theme with white and “sandbox”

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Today, 10:27

Microsoft полностью переделает Windows 10 с майским обновлением

May 2019 Update will fix “a ton” of errors

Microsoft has officially announced plans to improve Windows 10. In may will be released the next major update for the operating system called May 2019 Update. The participants of the program Windows Insider, according to preliminary estimates Microsoft will get a test build in the next week.

The may update is postponed to the April patch, which had to move due to the discovered vulnerability. In a new large patch for Windows 10 will be light theme, the “sandbox” to run applications in a secure environment, and improved “start menu”. About all changes read our article about the TOP 7 innovations in the spring update.

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New update Windows 10 slows down computers

Together with the May 2019 Update to Windows 10 will be an important opportunity to delay the installation any further updates. Users editions Home and Pro addition will be able to postpone the installation of monthly patches for 35 days. In addition, the operating system will determine the optimal time for installing updates so that users do not have to restart the computer, interrupting the work at an unexpected moment.

Microsoft wants to avoid problems similar to those that occurred last year from October 2018 Update when users lost their files after the update or have encountered any bugs and BSOD. For this the company will launch a special website, which provides real-time tracking, what are common errors that users face during or after installation May 2019 Update.

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We will remind that earlier social networking applications Facebook and Instagram refuse to Windows 10. It was also reported that Microsoft predicts the “death” of the Windows because of the new Windows Virtual Desktop.

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Microsoft полностью переделает Windows 10 с майским обновлением

Microsoft полностью переделает Windows 10 с майским обновлением

Microsoft полностью переделает Windows 10 с майским обновлением


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