Microsoft delayed the “funeral” of Windows 7: the cause

Windows 7 will leave “live” within Microsoft Defending Democracy

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Today, 09:35

Microsoft отсрочила "похороны" Windows 7: названа причина

Microsoft announced good news for Windows 7 users

The company Microsoft has officially extended support for Windows 7. Outdated operating system had planned to submit to retire in January 14, 2020 – the day was supposed to come out last update, but suddenly plans changed. Microsoft has decided to extend the deadline for the release of security updates for Windows 7 because of the elections in the United States, this is the official blog of the Corporation.

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In the framework of Defending Democracy, the Microsoft Corporation will continue to issue free security updates for certified systems of voting, running Windows 7, before the US presidential election to be held November 3, 2020. Therefore, the termination of support for Windows 7 will be delayed for 11 months.

Released in 2009, Windows 7 has moved to extended support in January 2015 – this allowed users to still receive critical security fixes, bug fixes and technical support over the next five years. Microsoft is trying to migrate users to more modern Windows 10, but the popularity of legacy OS is still very high.

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Windows 7 “revive” paid patches – Microsoft has named a price

The corporate sector still accounts for the majority of Windows 7 users. According to the site Kollective, 43% of businesses still use the platform for almost 10 years. And among gamers, the situation is reversed: 64% of Steam users prefer Windows 10 compared to 26% of users of Windows 7.

Those who are painfully parting with Windows 7, Microsoft came up with a scheme user support after January 14, 2020. Advanced updates security will be available to all users of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise with volume licensing until January 2023. The company charges a fee for each device, and the price will increase every year. In General, it is advantageous to sit on the “Seven” is only the corporate sector, and home users are encouraged now to upgrade to Windows 10, intimidating “death” notices.

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Users actively return to Windows 7

We will remind that earlier the experts recognized Windows XP and Windows 7 the most dangerous in the world. At the same time, Microsoft is planning to bring back the era of Windows XP and Windows 7.

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