Microsoft invented a new way to reinstall Windows

Improved method of reinstalling Windows 10 will allow you to save all your settings and apps

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Microsoft придумала новый способ переустановки Windows

A new feature is added in Windows 10 build number 18950

Microsoft took good care to reinstall Windows 10 was just and without the need to create a bootable flash drive or burn a disc – this functionality is already built into the operating system. However, the company went further and invented a new, even easier way to reinstall Windows on the cloud.

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The user WalkingCat, which is known for its insides regarding innovations Windows Twitter shared information about that in the next test build will have a new option to restore the operating system through a menu BootUX using the data stored in the cloud. This feature will be added in the Assembly room 18950, access to which will receive the participants of the program Windows Insider.

The changes will appear in BootUX, which is an expanded menu for diagnostics and configuration of Windows 10 – this menu is added to reset the operating system, reinstalling from local media as well as recovery using data in the cloud. In the first case, the user will get Windows 10, which will have to set “from scratch”, and the second – all the settings and applications drivers will be restored automatically.

Microsoft придумала новый способ переустановки Windows

Menu BootUX, which will receive a new option

A new option was created primarily for Windows Lite (Core OS), which will have minimum set of settings and customization of the interface, but however, the new option will be available full versions of Windows 10 for both home and corporate sectors, and server versions of Windows Server 2016 and 2019.

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Improved menu BootUX will be available in advanced boot options that will appear in the event of problems when you start Windows. Now with this menu you can start Windows 10 in safe mode to restore damaged system files.

We will remind that earlier the Internet was “attacked” file-killer computers. But Microsoft promised to add in Windows 10, the function of “self”.

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