Microsoft predicts “death” with the Windows

The new development will help Microsoft to abandon bulky desktops in favor of cloud solutions

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Microsoft предрекает "смерть" компьютерам c Windows

Windows Virtual Desktop rid the world of computers

Microsoft several years developing technologies that will help to get rid of bulky desktop computers. Recently software giant managed to achieve certain successes in this direction with the beta release of the Windows Virtual Desktop, which as expected could lead to the “death” of conventional computers, according to ComputerWorld.

A new development of Microsoft is a kind of response to Google with its flexible and easy Chrome OS, which has only a browser and a web application. But the software Corporation went even further – it Windows Virtual Desktop operates on a different principle. System VirtualServer Windows 7 and 10, Office 365 and other apps, it uses the company’s cloud system Azure. User is only to access cloud desktops through a browser or application like RDP.

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In case of successful implementation, in the future users will not have to pay a lot of money for desktop computers with huge processing power, but simply have a modest laptop or tablet, which will remotely connect the user to the classic desktop.

Windows Virtual Desktop at the moment is positioned as a solution for business, given the imminent termination of extended support Windows 7. However, it is possible that in the future the company will promote an analogue for ordinary users, because for them, no matter how does the computer or OS, as long as the program functioned. It is possible that by 2025 Windows as a true desktop operating system will become a niche product.

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As expected, the ability to subscribe to the new service will appear in the autumn, and a full deployment could start in 2020. Cloud Windows can work just as successfully as installed on the computer is important to have a good Internet connection.

Microsoft already has experience in creating a successful cloud platforms like Office 365, which is positioned as the replacement of Office 2019. By the way, Google Stadia and corporate Project xCloud in this way can solve the issue with games for different platforms, as it has done streaming video services like Netflix.

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Definitely will the enthusiasts who will use Linux, but such a venture to do just a few. The same thing will probably happen to macOS. In fact, such decisions will be considered archaic and used where desired data processing “on the spot” and without transmitting via the Internet.

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Earlier, Microsoft promises the ability to run Android apps on Windows 10. At the same time, Windows 7 users will have to wait for the summer trouble.

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Microsoft предрекает "смерть" компьютерам c Windows

Microsoft предрекает "смерть" компьютерам c Windows

Microsoft предрекает "смерть" компьютерам c Windows


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