Microsoft released a new keyboard with two keys: photo

Instead of the promised one-key Microsoft has implemented a two – emoticon and Office

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Microsoft выпустила клавиатуру с двумя новыми клавишами: фото

The new keyboard will be available October 15

In June of this year, Microsoft offered to add new keys to the standard 101-key keyboard to expand its functionality with modern requirements. Now a few months later the new keyboard with the Microsoft requirements was created. Initially, the company intended to implement a button, but in the end, they became two: smiley face and Office.

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The new key will replace the unused right of Windows. The first keyboard with the changed layout of steel model with Bluetooth connection and a thin profile, ideal for mobile devices and thin laptops. There is also a wired version with ergonomic surface.

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Key Office launches Microsoft Office for Windows 10, where users can get access to the software company. Special combinations of that key act as a shortcut to launch specific applications of the office Suite button Office along with O, T, W, X, P, D, N, Y and L will start Outlook, commands, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more.

Microsoft выпустила клавиатуру с двумя новыми клавишами: фото

The location of the new keys on the keyboard from Microsoft

Another new key is key – the emoticons (“Emoji”), which are becoming increasingly popular when communicating in instant messengers. Although users can’t assign specific Emoji or shortcuts for this button, it will open the list with a variety of emoticons to Windows 10.

Microsoft выпустила клавиатуру с двумя новыми клавишами: фото

Wired keyboard from Microsoft

The keyboard will be available October 15. Ergonomic version that includes a cloth palm rest, will cost 59.99 dollars, and a smaller keyboard with Bluetooth 5.0 and a built-in battery – 49,99 dollars.

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Unknown whether this innovation the global standard that other manufacturers have started to introduce new keys in the models of the keyboards.

We will remind that earlier Windows 10 taught to call on smartphones running Android. At the same time Microsoft showed Windows 10X with “Start” without the tiles.

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