Microsoft withdraws products from sale Huawei

Huawei can no longer sell laptops in stores Microsoft

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Microsoft изымает продукцию Huawei из продажи

Huawei MateBook X Pro is the best alternative to Apple MacBook Pro

After the imposition of US sanctions on Huawei, several major companies have stopped the cooperation with the Chinese manufacturer. Among them were Google, Intel and Qualcomm. Now to the implementation of the ban joined Microsoft. The software giant has withdrawn from sale laptops Huawei MateBook X Pro and MateBook D, and Arm Holdings, whose designs are represented in 95% of smartphones in the world.

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If you try to go to the page with the goods, their pages give a 404 error, and search for any Huawei equipment does not give any results in the Microsoft Store. However, a cached version remained. Microsoft retail store will continue to sell laptop which is one of the best laptop models on the market, but without a Windows license it is no longer the best alternative to the Apple MacBook Pro.

The ban stems from a decree of the President of Donald trump, which prohibits American companies to purchase and use telecommunications equipment from “foreign enemies”. Also Huawei was added to the “list of organizations” forbidding them from doing business with American firms without government approval.

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A potential ban on the use of Microsoft Windows can also affect server solutions Huawei. Microsoft and Huawei have a hybrid cloud solution Microsoft Azure, using the Microsoft certified Huawei’s servers. Intel and Qualcomm will also have to follow the latest order of the government of the United States. While Huawei has developed its own processors and modems for smartphones, Intel is supplying chips to Huawei server and laptop processors the company. According to reports, Huawei currently accumulating chips to prepare for the ban for three months.

Example competitor also followed Google, it ruled out the smartphone Huawei Mate 20 Pro, from the models who are available the third beta version of Android Q. in addition, sales of Huawei devices refused Best Buy is the only major U.S. retailer, from whom they until recently were available.

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In recent years, Huawei is also working on replacing Windows and Android, but it is not clear how well developed this operating system called Kirin OS running on Linux. Executive Director of Huawei recently announced that the company “would prefer to work with Google and Microsoft ecosystems”.

We will remind that in April, Huawei was ahead of Apple in the battle of smartphones. In turn, Huawei P30 is used for “hacking” of cars.

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