Midlife crisis: a psychologist named major symptoms

Кризис среднего возраста: психолог назвал основные симптомы

How to survive this condition.

Psychologist Robert Taibbi called the main signs of midlife crisis, reports the Chronicle.info with link to the Telegraph.

Big changes often come quickly. They begin with a tiny process that entails much more complex.

The change in appearance

During the crisis of middle age people have the desire to do something new, for example, punching piercings in the nose or go to the hairdresser. These changes continue not only during adolescence but throughout life.

Life – boredom

You feel that you are bored and you admit it. This means that you are psychologically ready to research and changes in life.

Anger and emotional explosions

Everything can go in the wrong direction, but there comes a moment of emotional explosion. This is another symptom of midlife crisis. You drew attention to a problem that got out.

New Hobbies

You started to pull to, from what you had previously dismissed. Can be called the cause of this alcohol, but it is not. A psychologist explains the example of teenagers. The company does not affect the person it represents something, what is that teenager.

Exit the comfort zone

Did you used to go to discos, and now decide to go from a mild curiosity. Or in the spirit of “why not”. Sometimes this can happen because of the determination that makes people go.

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