Mike Horn : 20 days after his rescue, he finally found his girls

Mike Horn : 20 jours après son sauvetage, il retrouve enfin ses filles

Mike Horn found his daughters after his expedition dangerous

Mike Horn can blow ! 20 days after he was rescued while he was in big trouble when his Arctic expedition, explorer and host of The Island and Cape Horn on the M6 has finally been reunited with her daughters Jessica and Annika. The opportunity for him to entrust himself once again on his adventure that could have cost him his life.

At the end of November, the girls of Mike Horn , pulling the alarm bell : party in the Arctic in the company of the Norwegian Borge Ousland, the explorer was in great difficulty because of the melting of the ice. Saved a few weeks later a ship came to their meeting, the two men go well, even though they have admitted to having had a big scare. Since then, Mike Horn was stuck in the ice but he was finally able to reach Norway and returning to his family in time to celebrate new year’s eve !

Mike Horn poses with his daughters

It is on his account Instagram that Mike Horn has unveiled images of his reunion with his two daughters, Annika and Jessica. Arrived at Tromsø, a city in the North of Norway, the facilitator of Cape Horn was finally able to fully enjoy his return among his own. As it said in the description of his photo, this expedition has been one of the most complicated of his career. “When I said goodbye to Alaska, I didn’t know what Borge and me we were launching. More than once during this adventure, I asked myself if this was my last goodbye” he writes.

“I didn’t know if it was going to come alive”

In an interview given to Paris, which followed his expedition, and had revealed his difficulties last November, Mike Horn says he is ready to turn the page and 2019. “I am going to enjoy the new year because the end of 2019 has been extremely hard. This expedition has been one of the most difficult of my life. Sometimes, I don’t know if it was going to come alive. 2020 will be a very special year, it’s like a second life that starts for me.” he confided, explaining be “happy to be alive“.

New adventures to come

But the explorer is not going to be asking in the weeks and months to come. He will participate from the 5 January at the Dakar rally and then will embark on an expedition boat. “My latest adventure has me calmed down a bit. Now, I want “expés” less committed ! I’m going to slow down a bit, not turn the high speed, rather the second or the third. But I can’t seem to live without purpose, without goal, without adrenaline. This is my style of life.” he says the Parisian.

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