Mike Horn in danger in the Arctic : despite a picture of shock, her daughters say they are reassured

Mike Horn en danger en Arctique : malgré une photo choc, ses filles se disent rassurées

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Mike Horn in danger in the Arctic : despite a picture of shock, her daughters say they are reassured

Mike Horn is he in danger ? While the explorer that we could see on the M6, in The Island or Cape Horn was given as a challenge to cross the Arctic on skis, he encountered complications and unveiled a photo of a concern. But if his daughters Jessica and Annika were considering a few days ago, a rescue operation, they say they are now happier after having had the reassuring news of their father.

Mike Horn is always in search of new challenges, even more dangerous. The last in date ? Cross the Arctic on skis, hiking. Except that his expedition, which he undertook on 11 September with Norwegian explorer Børge Ousland, has proved more complicated than expected because of global warming, that the ice layers are thinner. According to his daughters, the explorer that has been seen on M6, in The Island or Cape Horn would be seriously in danger : “His morale is at its lowest. I’ve never seen it like this, in a state of physical fatigue extreme. It is in the process of losing the feel of its ends, it is worrying.”, gave Annika in Paris. It would have even fallen through the ice, would be dropped in the water and would have serious frostbite to the feet, the nose, the hands.

Mike Horn reveals a disturbing photo of him frozen and in blood

On Monday, the explorer unveiled on Instagram a photo worrying on which it is discovered, frozen solid, the nose of blood and open. “I have known weekends more quiet (…) We are tired but we do not let go. What better way to start the week with a storm ? (…) We hope that we will be able to finish this expedition as we had imagined”. To the extent that they are almost to the end of their stock of food.

If they are very worried for their father, his daughters Jessica and Annika Horn have, however, given the reassuring news in Paris Match. “It will get better. But we were very much afraid.”, admit Annika, who explains to be “more serene than it was just three days”. “We received late last week a message from Mike, our father via satellite phone. He told us to have close to disaster. We had very little information, he told us just what it was at the bottom of the pit, that he was tired.”

His daughters give reassuring news

After he announced that he was no longer a question of rescue operation, she gives news of the two explorers : “They stepped into the water walking, they have never been submerged, but the water entered in their shoes. The texture of the ice is no longer the same since 2006 because of global warming. They had to set up the tent in a hurry, warm up. Under these extreme temperatures, the loss of sensation of the extremities may turn into a nightmare.” Despite these new, they are not totally reassured : “Mike is stubborn ! It does not tell us everything. If it is found, it will return with a toe in the least.” We hope not…

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