Mike Horn in danger in the Arctic : it has lost 15 kilos, Hugo Clement flies to his rescue

Mike Horn en danger en Arctique : il a perdu 15 kilos, Hugo Clément vole à son secours

Mike Horn in danger in the Arctic : it has lost 15 kilos, Hugo Clement is gone for the save

After several struggles during his Arctic expedition, Mike Horn is about to be rescued. Him and his friend Børge Ousland are in danger in the cold of the north Pole. They must cope with extreme temperatures and have practically no food. The explorer has even admitted to having lost 15 kilos. The daughter of the adventurer and Hugo Clément decided to help the two men to save them.

Mike Horn and Børge Ousland exhausted and hungry

Pole2Pole, this is the great challenge that launched Mike Horn and his friend Børge Ousland. The idea ? Circumnavigate the globe via the two poles. Except that the two explorers have suffered a hard blow on blow during this expedition, extreme, and they now find themselves in danger in the Arctic. “We feel more and more tired and fragile” has confessed in a new post Instagram the one that burned in A wild state on the M6. The two acolytes have even lost a lot of weight : “we believe that We have lost, each with between 10 and 15 kg, and we weren’t very big at the beginning…”.

Tired, distressed and hungry, Mike Horn and Børge Ousland “dream of food”. The presenter of The Island has even posted a picture of chocolate Norwegian that they have in their possession. His biggest wish ? Can gorging on chocolate without restriction ! It has even launched an appeal on the social network to ask his subscribers to send him the chocolate that he could enjoy at his return. The adventurer wants to receive “the best” they know “and don’t forget to tell me why this chocolate is so special through a post or a story about your page Instagram. I look forward to hearing your stories and taste your chocolates to my back”.

His daughter and Hugo Clément left to save

In spite of the recent disturbing photo of Mike Horn to the Arctic, his daughters felt relieved. One of them, Jessica, has, however, decided to help his father. With the journalist Hugo Clement and the team of Mike Horn, it is a party on board the boat, the Pangaea (which belongs to his dad) in Svalbard, Norway. Together, they will attempt to save the one who has been a lieutenant in the south-african special forces.

On Instagram, Hugo Clement explained that Mike Horn and Børge Ousland are “in difficulty on the sea ice near the north Pole. Their expedition should already be completed, but climate change is threatening the ice and slows down their progress. They are weak, victims of frostbite, and it remains that 4 days worth of food”. Suddenly, “a ship breaking the ice tent in that moment to join them, but the task is complicated. The temperatures go down to -40 and the polar night makes the navigation perilous”.

During this time, the former columnist of Daily on TMC and the daughter of Mike Horn will “accompany the team of Mike, who is going to try to go on the road to the north to recover with Børge, when they will be sufficiently down to open waters. Last option if the ship can not reach : two other explorers to ski to be laid on the ice to go to refuel”.

Hugo Clement said he was confident for the moment, because the two explorers “have advanced to the south over the last 24 hours, and the Spear (breaking the ice) is continuing its journey towards the north. Still a hundred of kilometers between them”.

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