Mike Horn is in danger : his expedition to the Arctic soon interrupted ? The details disturbing

Mike Horn en danger : son expédition en Arctique bientôt interrompue ? Les détails inquiétants

Mike Horn is in danger : his expedition to the Arctic is not going as planned

, 53 years old, Mike Horn has launched a new challenge : to cross the Arctic on skis. But the expedition launched on the 11th of September is not really as expected. In Paris, the girls reveal that the man we saw on the M6, in The Island or Cape Horn would be seriously endangered and could be rescued soon.

Adept survival, Mike Horn shared his knowledge and experiences with the viewers of M6 in The Island, in A wild state, or Cape Horn. Over the course of his career, the explorer of 66 years has managed many feats, such as complete crossing of the Antarctic without motor and lonely in 2017 during which he nearly died. His new expedition, to the Arctic, is threatened today.

The new worrying of her daughter

Since 11 September, Mike Horn is a new challenge : to cross the North Pole to rally the archipelago of Svalbard in the far North of Norway. A shipment that it does not lead only because it is accompanied by Børge Ousland, Norwegian explorer. Each day, the two men have to pull a sled in extreme conditions. But if we believe his daughter Annika, who is entrusted to the Parisian, Mike Horn would be in great danger. Very tired, it would be in the face of verygreat difficulties“. “His morale is at its lowest. I’ve never seen it like this, in a state of physical fatigue extreme. It is in the process of losing the feel of its ends, it is worrying. With my sister Jessica, we want to get it quickly to the house,” she confided.

Affected by the global warming, the Arctic has become a place even more dangerous than before, making the journey of two men complicated. Mike Horn would have even fallen through the ice and would have fallen in the water. “His shoes have taken on water, but fortunately, it has not seeped into the clothing, “explains Annika Horn. If the explorer seems to want to persist, the girls explain that the chances to reach his goal are slim, especially as the rations of two men in decline.

Soon rescued ?

In order to avoid the worst, Annika and her sister have raised the possibility of rescuing the two men. “We are trying to see if there are icebreakers in the area, or if we can send a helicopter, “explained the young woman that is optimistic. We hope to have some reassuring news very soon.

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