Mike Horn is weakened after his expedition : “I feel drained”

Mike Horn affaibli après son expédition : "Je me sens vidé"

Mike Horn rescued, he gives his news : “This expedition has taken so much”

Mike Horn is safe and sound ! The facilitator of The Island and Cape Horn on M6 and his accomplice Børge Ousland were rescued last weekend after being found in great difficulty during their journey to the Arctic. Today, the explorer gives his news with a photo of him where you can see his injuries.

Two months ago, Mike Horn and Norwegian Børge Ousland have embarked on the challenge of crossing the North Pole on skis. If their expedition started in the right conditions, the explorer and his henchman found themselves in danger at the end of a few weeks. The daughter of Mike Horn has also launched an appeal for aid to the 22 November last year : “His morale is at its lowest. I’ve never seen it like this, in a state of physical fatigue extreme.” Twenty days later, the host of ” Cape Horn on M6 and Børge Ousland were rescued.

“I always feel drained”

Thin of fifteen pounds, Mike Horn is safe and sound even if it is clear with a few scars of his journey that it has finished, it must-be said : “We are exhausted and very tired mentally and physically.” The adventurer has once again made a small update on his condition since his rescue : “while my body was onboard the Lance, in a safe and secure environment, my mind is always on the ice (…) I am in a constant state and I’m trying to understand that all this is soon completed and that the return home is close, “he wrote on Instagram in the caption of a photo of him with his injuries.

Mike Horn continues : “I don’t sleep as well as I did on the ice because of the lack of fatigue, he wrote. But I always feel drained and I tend to walk around like a zombie without purpose. This expedition has taken so much and even though I heal quickly, I know it will take me time to find myself. Borge Ousland and I have pushed our limits well beyond what we could imagine.

“It was a battle from the beginning to the end”

Despite all these difficulties, the facilitator of The Island and the wild don’t regret this challenge in the Arctic : “This is not finished yet. We’re stuck in the ice for the past 4 days now. Hope that the ice will release its grip so that we can reach Pangea to get back to the house. It was a battle from the beginning to the end, but I don’t want it any other way.

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