Mike Horn safe and sound : rescued in the Arctic, it is going well but is “exhausted”

Mike Horn sain et sauf : secouru en Arctique, il va bien mais est "exténué"

Mike Horn is doing well and was rescued after his expedition dangerous in the Arctic

Mike Horn is going well ! In great difficulty during an expedition in the Arctic, explorer and host of The Island and Cape Horn on the M6 has been rescued this weekend. A valuable help that has enabled him, in the company of his sidekick Børge Ousland, to complete their journey started there has been more than two months. The two adventurers have a lot lost weight but are safe and sound. On Instagram, Mike Horn is back on this adventure complicated.

Since a few weeks, it was the uncertainty about the fate of Mike Horn. Party in the company of the Norwegian Børge Ousland to cross the North Pole on skis, the expedition had deteriorated. On 22 November, his daughter launched a distress call, considering the situation of the adventurer is very dangerous : he had fallen in the water, lost a lot of weight and had more than a few days of rations. At the end of the week, two norwegians, were gone to their meeting.

“We’re exhausted”

It is on his account Instagram that Mike Horn has given its news and explained that he had managed, somehow, to finish his expedition. “We got there We arrived at the Launches (an ice-breaker come to collect them, editor’s note) on our last day of rations.” wrote the explorer experienced. In his long post, he details his last day on the ice unstable. “The last 12 miles were difficult, we were moving 2 or 3 km/h when We were going slowly but we were constant. We managed to get to the boat and we felt relaxed. We were greeted with an excellent meal of soup, spinach, steak, chocolate fondant and ice,” he wrote.

Obviously, the two men must now recover. “We are exhausted and very tired mentally and physically. But as soon as we set foot on the boat, our bodies have left the survival mode, and we were less stressed. After eating, we took a long hot shower and it was amazing. We’re going to sleep, and we rest, waiting for the return in Norway,” he also wrote. The Spear is now stuck in the ice, but the days of the two explorers are no longer in danger. And that is the main thing !

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