Mike Horn saved him, but still stuck in the Arctic : trapped by the ice, he gives his new

Mike Horn sauvé mais toujours bloqué en Arctique : piégé par la glace, il donne de ses nouvelles

Mike Horn saved him, but still stuck in the Arctic with Børge Ousland : they are trapped by the ice

This is part of the hazards of the adventure. While Mike Horn and Børge Ousland were rescued after their journey to the Arctic, they are still stranded there. For what reason ? Because the two explorers (and their team) are trapped by the ice. The one who led The Island on the M6 was new on Instagram.

It is necessary to “release the vessel of the frozen waters”

In November 2019, Mike Horn was in danger in the Arctic with his friend Børge Ousland, as part of their expedition extreme Pole2Pole. Since then, the two explorers were able to pull through with the help of Hugo Clement and Jessica, one of the daughters of the one who was in A wild state on the M6. The two explorers therefore are safe and sound, but still remain stranded in the Arctic. And for cause, to the edge of the Spear, they are “trapped by the ice for more than 10 days” as revealed by the adventurer on his account Instagram. He also shared a text of Charles Audier, a member of his team who kept a diary, to tell the viewers their “daily struggle” to “freeing the vessel of water, frozen”.

“It pierces like convicts all 10/15cm. It descends the length of the wick, making sure not to block it, there it would be fucked up. When we reached the water, it is necessary to be careful to not get carried away. It’s very physical. The vibrations wear down the nerves and muscles” is it written in the caption of a photo showing the boat stuck in the ice, in the middle of the Arctic.

Mike Horn and his team

The long text detailing the adventures of Mike Horn and his team continues. “I realize later that it is on the ice for more than 3 hours. By -23°C with the wind in your face to make holes, the energy flies away very fast, we fatigue quickly,” we read, “In addition, the maneuvering has been for nothing. The boat remains stuck”.

In addition to the extreme temperatures and the time a picky eater, the crew must cope with several difficulties : “There, the drill no longer works. It passes the saw, and the cutting of ice”, “I have to do the movement 1000 times, I sweat, I lose my breath through the layers, I freeze the feet, and I have the hands and the muscles of the arms that burned. On a continuous basis. It is necessary to follow the saw without falling over (which almost happened)”.

Still exhausted after their expedition did not go as planned, Mike Horn and Børge Ousland must now fight to return to good port. “It is exhausting and satisfying at the same time. But nothing to do, we don’t move”, so “we’re going to leave the anchor at the back in tension all night, with a little luck, it can make us move…”. Hope this is enough to make them move.

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