Mike Horn : stuck in the Arctic, it is an amazing meeting and great for Christmas

Mike Horn : bloqué en Arctique, il fait une rencontre incroyable et magnifique pour Noël

Mike Horn : stuck in the Arctic, it is an amazing meeting and great for Christmas

For Christmas, Mike Horn could not dream of a more beautiful gift. Still stuck in the Arctic, in fact, he has done an amazing meeting on the ice that gave a semblance of hope for the future of this continent.

Mike Horne still stuck in the Arctic

A few months ago, Mike Horn and Borge Ousland was involved in a mission-the exploration of all the dangers in the Arctic, in particular in order to put images on the effects of climate change. A mission that they have finally been forced to give up in the face of extreme conditions on site and to their many health problems.

Recovered in-extremis by the crew of the Rocket – ship ice-breakers, and their loved ones on board, the two adventurers must now take their evil in patience, before returning to the mainland and be able to heal and recover quietly. And because the ship ahead is difficult at the present time, in the face of terrible blocks of ice.

An unhoped-for meeting

Fortunately, as the has entrusted Mike Horn on his account Instagram, the mishaps do not prevent to continue to see the beauty of this world. The proof, a few hours of Christmas, he had the right to the most beautiful gifts with an unhoped-for meeting : “Christmas came in early this year. We finally got to meet our first polar bear after 100 days spent on the ice. And she was not alone. Since the Launching, we could see its sides two small cubs.

An event that has made the happiness of the adventurer, relieved to see a little more life on those lands, and that has convinced him that it was not yet too late to change, “I was so happy to see these polar bears are clearly in good health in their own environment. This has given me a little hope, which was exactly what I needed for my Christmas in the Arctic.

A nice gift from the Father Christmas which, it is hoped, will enable the world to become aware of the lives to protect on this planet.

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