Mike Tyson creates cannabis candies in the shape of ripped ears

Mike Tyson creates cannabis candy shaped like ripped ears


Former boxer Mike Tyson has chosen to tap into a famous chapter of his past for his latest line of cannabis products. In his new store in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, he will sell chewing gum shaped like ears with a torn lobe. 

No, it's not 'April Fools. The 56-year-old has indeed embarked on this business and the flagship product of his Dutch brand will be these ear candies. Here, we can easily guess that it is a reference to the fight where Tyson tore off a piece of poor Evander Holyfield's ear, in 1996. Their name is quite evocative: “Mike Bites”.

For those interested, this product containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is sold in packs of 25 gummies for around thirty US dollars. The treats are available in several flavors, such as cherry, sour apple and watermelon.

Having not fought professionally since 2005, Tyson had an exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr. , in November 2020. His new venture in the cannabis capital of the world does not seem to lead him to a return to the ring.