Mike Ward in the supreme Court: “I am relieved” – Me Julius Grey

Mike Ward en Cour suprême: «Je suis soulagé» - Me Julius Grey

The lawyer of Mike Ward welcomes the decision of the supreme Court to hear the appeal of the humorist, which had been condemned by the Commission of the rights of the person to pay $ 35,000 to Jérémy Gabriel to be mocked for his disability on stage.

“I am relieved that the supreme Court gives us permission to plead this cause,” said Me Julius Grey, recalling the discretionary power of the judges of the highest court of the country. “You never know”, he said.

Me Julius Grey

The decision of the supreme Court could set the limits of freedom of expression not only of comedians, but “the artistic community in general”, makes Me Grey, who also hope that this causes vienna to redefine the boundaries of the jurisdiction of the Court of human rights.

Mike Ward had mocked Jérémy Gabriel at his show Mike Ward is on display, presented 230 times, from 2010 to 2013, despite the requests of the adolescent to stop the jokes about it.

Ward had stated that “little Jeremy” was “ugly” and that he was allegedly dying, but that it was “not him killable”. He was also made fun of a physical deformity of the young singer syndrome Treacher Collins as well as her hearing implant.

In 2016, Mike Ward had been ordered to pay $ 42,000 in Jérémy Gabriel and his mother. The Court of appeal had subsequently subtracted an amount of $ 7,000 for the mother of the young man.

According to Me Julian Grey, he will have to wait until at least next year before the supreme Court heard the arguments of the clan Ward.

– With the QMI Agency

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