Mikhail Kozyrev told how to come back from the dead: they were on the verge of death

Михаил Козырев рассказал, как вернулся с того света: был на шаг от смерти

Mikhail Kozyrev, photo: Bezformata

today, 15:56

Russian TV presenter and actor Mikhail Kozyrev told his story about how he survived and the characteristics of Japanese hospital. Relevant post he published on Facebook.

“Now to interrupt such a forced pause and proclaim: “Good good morning, planet! I’m back from the dead!” (C). The fact that the curtain 2019го year I got on the ambulance in Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital! Risk to life is already there, and it was an amazing adventure,” he says.

Kozyrev said that Japan, including the hospital – another galaxy. So, the nurses wore caps and their uniforms resembled the clothing of Japanese soldiers during the second world war.

Михаил Козырев рассказал, как вернулся с того света: был на шаг от смерти

In the hospital you put an electronic bracelet on which characters your name on it. It sounds in the mouth of Tokyo nurses “Kozyrevo Michiru-San.” All as “computerized” as: any nurse appears with an open laptop on the truck and all the pills and injections are scanned along with your personal bar-code. I was lying in a four ward but each bed is converted into a single space separated circular shower curtain”, – he said.

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His guardian angel that saved his life, he called Tatyana Barinov and noted that he will thank her until the end of life.

“A few things in my hospital discouraged: drinking water – only for the money. Pajamas (see photo) – also just for the money. And the TV and fridge too just for the money; buy a card, inserted into a special slot in your individual locker and use all electrical appliances. The reasons for these rules I could not find out, except “so accepted”. But all this is easily tolerated with regard to quality of care, medical procedures and attention of doctors and nurses,” he writes.

He expressed gratitude to all who worried and worried about him. However, the presenter noted that the medical details are left to the narrow circle of family and friends has promised more often to please posts.

When you stop each day to write in FB, you disappear. This is not an artistic image, you really disappear from the tapes…

Geplaatst door Misha Kozyrev op Donderdag 19 december 2019

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