Mila Jovovich – 44: the best role Hollywood stars of Ukrainian origin

Миле Йовович - 44: лучшие роли звезды Голливуда украинского происхождения

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On Tuesday, December 17, legendary Hollywood actress and model Milla Jovovich is celebrating a birthday. Today she is 44 years old.

The Hollywood beauty was born in Kiev. Only 20 years was able to build a successful film career, starring in more than 40 films and became famous all over the world.

“I was never a born actress. Natural talent, like my mother, I never had. Having such a strong, talented mother, I felt very vulnerable,” – says Jovovich.

In addition, Mila perceive cinema only as a job.

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“It’s my job. This is my way of life. People love me! And I respect their feelings: autographs, if asked, never refuse. Star fever — it is disrespectful to tvoh the fans,” says the star.

Миле Йовович - 44: лучшие роли звезды Голливуда украинского происхождения

Milla Jovovich, The Voice.ia

The star of “the Fifth element” and a series of sci-Fi action “Resident evil” Milla Jovovich is best known worldwide for its masterpieces:

Return to the blue lagoon (1991)

N the fifth element (1997)

Joan Of Arc (1999)

Resident evil (2002)

A perfect getaway (2009)

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