Mila kunis has commented on the breakup with Macaulay Carcinom

Мила Кунис прокомментировала расставание с Маколеем Калкином

Spouse Ashton Kutcher talked about past relationships.

The rupture of relations with the IMF Calcina, which lasted eight years, was a real blow for the actress, reports the with reference to Viva.

Today Mila kunis for many is the faithful and loving wife of Ashton Kutcher. And sometimes it seems that the couple together for a lifetime.

However, few people know that before the affair with her future husband, Mila met with the star of the movie “home Alone” with Macaulay Calcina! Their romance began in 2002 and lasted eight years. Recently kunis was first told about the breakup with the once famous actor.

“I’ll be the first to admit it, but I felt really bad. I could not recover. When we met, he was incredibly popular. I could go with him to the street, the fans immediately surrounded him and just yelled when they saw him! They didn’t know how to react,” says kunis.

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