Mile-End: a bed in a dormitory for 600 $ per month

Mile-End: un lit dans un dortoir pour 600 $ par mois

MONTREAL | beds set to rent between $ 450 and $ 600 per month in a dormitory in the Mile-End have been reacting on social networks, and illustrate the poor state of the rental market in Montreal, according to some.

Like in some youth hostels, a curtain can be pulled over each of the beds of the GAB House to isolate the tenants of the gaze of the other. Paying rent, everyone has access to a fridge, individually and in a locked locker key, as well as the common rooms (kitchen, bathroom, and space cotravail with WiFi).

It remains that we are still far from an apartment, pointed out to the viewers outraged, which were shared on the social networks the announcement Kijiji, removed since.

“It is absolutely outrageous. It is like the exploitation of the poverty, in quotation marks. We took advantage of the housing crisis, the lack of alternatives, to the distress of people who have a fear of ending up on the street. This is the reality of several tenants in one month from July 1st”, said on Wednesday the spokesperson of the Front of popular action in urban redevelopment (FRAPRU), Véronique Laflamme.

“It is an affront total, a denial of the right to decent housing. We rent outright a place in a dormitory at a hefty price tag”, she added.

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The owner, Gabriel Dancause, who also owns the ATM adjacent Café in the dormitory, and argues that the concept of “pods” is still new to Montreal and maybe even the country, but that it exists in other cities throughout the world.

“It’s still really comfortable and it becomes inevitable that one time, he said. We all want to live in neighborhoods cool and, a given time, the price has more pace. It is necessary to minimize the space that it occupies.”

In the ATM House, the monthly rent is $ 600 for a double bed for single occupancy and it is necessary to add another $ 200 to be able to live as a couple. The single beds are also available at the rate of $ 450 per person per month.

“Our main clientele, it is the French who come to settle in Montreal,” he said.

“There are a lot of people in Latin America also. Self-employed workers, programmers, graphic artists from Mexico or Colombia, for example. The exchange rate hurts them since they are paid in their local currency. Them, they are looking for what’s least expensive and a place to work.”

The “pods” similar to those published in the announcement Kijiji exist, particularly in Los Angeles. They come in the wake of the “coliving”, a way of life to many who will become increasingly popular in cities where rents are very high.

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