Miley Cyrus lied to by Cody Simpson ? It reacts to the rumour of infidelity

Miley Cyrus trompée par Cody Simpson ? Il réagit à la rumeur d'infidélité

Miley Cyrus lied to by Cody Simpson ? It reacts to the rumour of infidelity

Would this be over already between Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson ? This last would have deceived the ex-star Disney this weekend by kissing another woman. But the agent of the singer explained that the rumors of infidelity would be false. The sister of the boyfriend of the singer has also responded by ensuring that they would always be as a couple.

Miley Cyrus

Since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have divorced after only 8 months of marriage (but several years of romantic relationship), the singer has found love. She is in a relationship with Cody Simpson. Except that her new boyfriend would have mistaken after Page Six. The singer australian would have kissed another woman in a club in New York city, on the night of Sunday 22 December 2019 to Monday, 23 December 2019.

Users wondering if Cody Simpson was separated from Miley Cyrus or if he was being cheated. All the more that this weekend, it has also been seen in the company of a playmate Jordy Murray. They were walking together in the street. Then he broke up with the interpreter of Wrecking Ball or has he been unfaithful ?

Cody Simpson

Monday, 23 December 2019, the agent of Cody Simpson has denied the rumor of infidelity in a press release sent to E! News : “there is absolutely nothing true in this story”. “Cody went there with a friend (in a box, editor’s note) and everything else has been fabricated. End Point” is it also written in the document. It would not have cheated on Miley Cyrus, sober for several months, it would be a simple evening with friends, and that no kiss would not have been exchanged.

Alli Simpson the sister of Cody Simpson, has for its part, clarified to the Daily Mail Australia that Jordy Murray (with whom his brother was seen) would only be a friend. In fact, she would go out with Ryan McCarthy, a friend of the artist. And she assured that her brother is still in a relationship with Miley Cyrus.

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