Miley Cyrus would be “furious” that Liam Hemsworth couple

Miley Cyrus serait "furieuse" que Liam Hemsworth soit en couple

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Miley Cyrus serit “furious” that Liam Hemsworth so with Maddison Brown

Recasée with Cody Simpson since her break up with Liam Hemsworth, after a marriage of less than a year together, Miley Cyrus doesn’t accept that his ex is back in love. The actor would go out with Maddison Brown, which would make the singer of Malibu completely “furious”.

Miley Cyrus has “transformed into a fury when she discovered that Liam was going out with Maddison Brown”

During the summer, in August 2019, Miley Cyrus has announced her break up with Liam Hemsworth. Since then, the star has reacted to their separation after 8 months of marriage and has kissed a girl but most of all, she has finally found love in the arms of the singer Cody Simpson. They appear regularly ultra accomplices on Instagram and in their stories. However, upon learning that her ex husband would be recasé also, with the actress Maddison Brown (known for her role as Kirby in the reboot of Dynasty), the former heroine of the Disney Channel would have farted a cable.

A source close to Liam Hemsworth has assigned to the site Who that “Miley saw red, and it turned into fury when she discovered that Liam was going out with Maddison Brown. She knows that it would not come out with someone for the buzz. At that moment, she understood that he had turned the page of the relationship. It’s hard to accept that he can be happy with Maddison”.

“She called when she was drunk”

According to the same source, Miley Cyrus “trying to act as if she didn’t care, but secretly, she was furious. She realized that the grass was not necessarily greener on the other side”. Her relationship with Cody Simpson, which has been criticized, would it be just for the buzz and to make him jealous Lim Hemsworth ? A(e) informant(trice) has explained to Radar Online that “her romance with Cody is fully intended to be pissed and at one time this would have worked because Liam is a good man and that he loved her. But now, he does not want to hear about it even as a friend, and this makes Miley mad”.

Jealous and desperate, such is the state of mind of Miley Cyrus according to these sources. The interpreter of Wrecking Ball has even called several times the hero of the Hunger Games when she was drunk : “She was called when she was drunk for some time but now she is reduced to try to attract their attention on the social networks”.

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