Military destroyed once the position of the militants in the Donbas. Video

Военные уничтожили очередную позицию боевиков на Донбассе. Видео

The result is a clean shot destroyed the position of the occupants with the heavy.

The Ukrainian military staged a new defeat of the Russian troops in the Donbas. The soldiers aimed shot destroyed the position and one Pro-Russian militants.

Video the network has published an officer of the Armed forces Anatoly Stefan “Stirlitz”, reports the online edition of the with reference to

As seen on the record, the military struck at machine-gun point occupiers, located near the settlement. During the operation they also managed to eliminate the heavy fighters, which was in position.

“As a result of a well-aimed shot destroyed the position of the Russian occupiers with the heavy”, – he wrote.

When and where was carried out the destruction, the officer said.


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