Military found traces of an unknown mysterious creatures: photos

According to the Indian army, the tracks belong to Bigfoot

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 08:06

Военные нашли загадочные следы неизвестного существа: фото

Military found “Yeti footprints”

The Ministry of defence of India in our Twitter account reported on a mysterious discovery in the Himalayas. The military say that during the expedition on April 9 at the camp of Makalu they found in the snow huge traces (81×38 centimeters) of an unknown animal resembling a Yeti, reports Times of India.

According to the Indian army, the tracks belong to Bigfoot, but the final conclusions will be made after scientific examination. It is noted that the previously mysterious creature was noticed only in the national Park “Makalu-Barun”. The defense Ministry expressed hope that the find will “raise scientific interest” to the subject.

On Twitter, the Indian army signed by 6 million people. Many did not take this news seriously – and now in response to the publication of Twitter users share jokes on the subject. “Very sad to see how the army promotes such silly myths. I expected more from you,” writes a user named Harit.

“Maybe there is more simple explanation?” ironically the writer Siddharth Singh.

And I last weekend saw traces of “Bigfoot” in Singapore. What a coincidence!” – happy Kanishk Samota.

Sasquatch (Yeti) – legendary humanoid creature, allegedly living in mountainous or forest areas. Most modern scholars are skeptical of its existence. According to the study researchers, Bigfoot has repeatedly taken the bears of different species – Himalayan, Tibetan brown fur and brown.

As previously reported, a surprising discovery has shown the world a new York UFO researcher Peter Kane. “Alien hunter” posted a video of the head of the Yeti, and said that Bigfoot was killed by his father in 1953. Also, “Today” reported American from Idaho, who accused Bigfoot that he prevented her from driving a car, causing the woman hit a deer on the road.

Watch the video: American more than half a century kept the house “head of Bigfoot”

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