Milla Jasmine (The Princes) she pistonné his sister ? It responds and reacts to his elimination

Milla Jasmine (The Princes and Princesses of love 3) reacts to the elimination of Safia, and responds to rumours of favouritism

In The Princes and Princesses of love 3 on W9, Safia has been eliminated. His sister, Milla Jasmine, has responded to his departure from the show. The sweetheart of Mujdat also wished to set things straight about the rumor of a piston. Does it actually include the adventure to his sister thanks to his influence in the middle of the reality tv ? This is his response.

Milla Jasmine reacts to the elimination of his sister

While recently Milla Jasmine responded to the fact of stopping or not tv-reality, one that you can follow in The Princes and Princesses of love 3 on W9 reacted to the elimination of his sister Safia. This last has not been chosen by her prince Nicholas, who has preferred to Emma. The star of reality tv has confessed in his story Snpachat be “disgusted” by the departure of his elder.

But it is also held to refute the rumor on social networks, which says that it would have pistonné his sister. Milla Jasmine has told internet users : “When I see comments of the style “yes it has been pistonnée’. It’s been almost 5 years that I’m doing reality tv and my sister is never coming in no emissions”. “So if I had shares or a right of speech in the production it is not, it would be coming for much longer” she added.

“Stop believing that everything is scripted”

The one that was at the heart of a huge buzz with Mujdat with the famous phrase “There’s the guy at Milla” has continued to explain about the adventure of her sister. “Actually I had an eye on it because it is my sister, so obviously I pay attention to it” but “I wanted to let him live his own experience,” explained the candidate of reality tv.

Milla Jasmine has also argued on the fact that it has not pistonné Safia, stating : “She comes to Nicholas, a guy that I didn’t even know”. And besides, it would not part if the princess from the issue had helped to integrate the adventure. In addition, it has not favored as she was left to sleep in the room with the other mistresses rather than with it.

“There are a lot of people who thought that everything is calculated, everything is fake,” said Milla, “We the people of reality tv, the former it’s been many years that we are there, it is true that we know the codes, ok, but stop believing that everything is scripted”.

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