Milla Jovovich showed similar to her daughter

Милла Йовович показала похожую на нее дочь

The daughter of actress and model indistinguishable from the mother.

Milla Jovovich and her third husband, Director Paul Anderson have two daughters – 11-year old Eva Gabo and 3-year-old Dashiel Eden. In social networks, the actress often shares pictures of family, reports the with reference to ShowDream.

Fans say that my daughter Milla is growing at an incredible rate. And commenting on the last photo, which was published Jovovich, followers noticed that Eva was the exact copy of her mother. The same huge green eyes, full lips and facial expressions!

Although the girl and has all the prerequisites, it remains to be seen if she wants to go in her footsteps and become a model and actress. Now Eva is more concentrated on the sport. It has excellent stretch and flexibility. By the way, Milla shared in social networks daughter’s success.

Note that the actress appreciates family and trying to spend every minute with the girls. According to Milla, she is quite hard to combine work and parenting daughters. But Jovovich says that all the difficulties faced during the day instantly disappear when she sees the happy smiles on the faces of their children.

Милла Йовович показала похожую на нее дочь

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